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Repair Damaged, Brittle, Dry, And Short Hair

A great hair care regimen will include the following: a high quality shampoo, preferably an all natural one, a high quality conditioner, natural hair oils for a healthy scalp, and an all natural daily moisturizing lotion, cream, or serum. For added perks, a hair Healthy Hair care routine will also include a monthly hot oil treatment and protein treatments. Yet, many individuals don’t employ such hair care regimens. In fact, African Americans often only shampoo their hair once or twice a month and left the rest of their hair care maintenance to the application of petroleum based hair “greases” and mineral oil based hair lotions. Likewise, those with European hair apply chemical laden mousses and gel daily to their hair; or, like me, are addicted to their CHI straightened only to be left with brittle hair and ends. Unfortunately, bi-weekly washes with poor shampoos and the application of traditional black hair moisturizers that are mineral oil or petroleum based will only lead to hair breakage, splitting, and thinning for African American hair. And, the continual highlights, mousse, and shaping gels, although great for a moment, will only wreak havoc on all hair types.

Step One

Growth Golden Rule #1: Keep Your Hair Moisturized. Hair needs moisture and deep conditioning, especially when the hair is exposed to chemical coloring, relaxers, stressful styles, and heat appliances, like blow dryers and flat irons. You must deep condition your hair, at least once per week for it to thrive. A conditioner is nothing more than a cream that is applied to the hair to smooth the cuticle, soften the hair, add sheen, and restore moisture. Although conditioning your hair cannot make it grow—it can reduce shedding and breakage. As a result, your hair will actually become longer. Yes, I know we hate moisturizing our hair sometimes. I had a beautiful razor cut that I paid upwards $125 for and I hated applying any a little serum to my hair because I wanted to avoid the greasy look by the end of the day. My hair is fine, strawberry blond and auburn, and can absorb moisture quickly. But, all moisture does not equal grease, nor does all oils. I have learned that many oils like Coconut, Babassu, Avocado, and even Sunflower, are great for many hair types and don’t add a sticky greasy feel like many products with silicones or petrochemicals that are derived from petroleum. Plus, oils and even juices have the ability of giving moisture and helping Hair Health. Yummy and healthy, you have got to love it! Some great natural products I highly recommend are Beauty 4 Ashes’ Keraquench Leave In Conditioning Spray for N Class Hair, Ojon Revitalizing Mist, and Beauty 4 Ashes La Java Ultra Shine & Detangle Mist. Beauty 4 Ashes products can be found online at discoverb4acom for the States and mybeauty4ashescom. Ojon can be found at Sephora. If you prefer natural, as I do, choose Beauty 4 Ashes products. Ojon does contains silicones and chemicals like Cyclopentasiloxane, Laureth-4 and Dimethicone, but this formula is not as sticky.

Step Two

Growth Golden Rule #2: Find the Right Conditioner
Instant or Leave In Conditioners are great for all hair types because they coat and give the hair body and shine rapidly. However, they often contain silicones, which make the hair look shiny, but also seal the cuticles and coat the strand so much that additional moisture is unable to penetrate the hair strand. That’s why I recommend that you use hair lotion or leave in conditioners. Try to choose an all natural hair lotion that has EFAs and natural oils.


Step Three

Growth Golden Rule #3: Deep Condition Your Hair.

Use a Deep Penetrating Conditioner at least once a month. These are conditioners that are absorbed into the hair shaft to improve the health and appearance. Usually made from Keratin and amino acids. I practically love Beauty 4 Ashes La Java Frappucino Damage Freeze Mask. I pair it with Myrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Fluid and my hair has never been shininer. The La Java Frappucino Mask contains coffee butter, great for maintaining hair color, as well as contains amino acids and essential fatty acids, two necessary components for healthy, longer hair. It also has palm, jojoba, coconut, olive, shea, and a host of other hair shaft penetrating moisture rich oils, which contain protein and vitamins to reduce breakage and splitting, without leaving it greasy. You can find these products at, sephoracom, myb4acom or Make sure your thoroughly rinse your hair after using a deep penetrating conditioner.

Step Four

Growth Golden Rule #4: Pay close attention to the ends of your hair. When conditioning your hair, or even applying protein treatments or hair lotion, make sure you target those hair ends.

Overall Tips & Warnings

Remember that to grow long and healthy hair, you have to condition it. Do not neglect this. Hair that is not conditioned often is dull, brittle, and damaged. Do not purchase cheap products with hair stripping ingredients, such as sulfates, alcohols, glycols, and silicones (any ingredient ending in the word “cone”). The best conditioning products on the market are Ojon, Oscar Blandi, Beauty 4 Ashes ®, and Aubrey Organics. Preferably, use Beauty 4 Ashes or Aubrey Organics, as they are all natural

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