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Sometimes, people wonder why and how some people have hair that looks like if they had just been to the saloon and to their surprise they look the same way most of the times. This thing is very disastrous for few people and they want to know how they can also improve the looks of their hair.

Nowadays, hair transplants are becoming very common in the entertainment field. The reason is that many celebrities like to give new and different look to their hair to look different and attractive. Getting hair transplant today is very easy as compared to the surgeries that were performed in 1990s or earlier.


We welcome all the celebrities who want to have hair transplant. We assure you that our treatment is fast, secure and pain free. Please do not hesitate to consult ILHT Hair transplant team for an expert opinion of your problem.

Our expert team suggests you some methods to improve your Hair Growth and keep your hair in good and healthy condition.

• One of the most important tips for your hair is to have the hair cut that suits to your style. It is very important to have proper hair cut in order to keep your hair in proper shape.

• You should understand that every person is blessed with a different type of hair like fine, thick, wavy, straight and so on. Try to keep your hair in a natural way by not adopting the artificial hair colors, chemical applications, cuttings etc.

• Use hair products only after consulting with the expert rather than to just use them due to their attractiveness and style.

• Nowadays, some people use rollers to give curls to your hair. Use rollers accordingly like use unheated rollers on damp hair and use heated rollers on dry hair.

• The roots of the hair are very important. Make sure that when you apply hair products apply to roots first and then go down.

• Many people face problem that as time passes during the day their hair start looking dull and rough. The best solution for this is to apply the product like gel to your hair with a little water to give them their look again.

• Use quality products like shampoos and conditioners to properly nourish your hair and keep them healthy.

We have tried our best to give some tips about Healthy Hair but still if you are facing some specific problem regarding your hair, feel free to contact our expert team.

ILHT have  best celebrity hair transplant surgeon for celebrities

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Kathrin Rich is a graduate. I  have researching on the celebrities since very long, after all that work i came to the point that celebrity looks and feel is due the great care. ILHT is excellent in doing the celebrity hair transplant surgeon

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